Immigration to Europe

ACTIO LAW FIRM developed a set of unique tools and has established a system of international partnerships to achieve a successful outcome at the legalization of foreigners and citizens of Ukraine in the European Union in order to most effectively anticipate and to provide customer requirement . We provide an opportunity to get the right of long-term residence in one of the EU countries within the International Migration Law. We have practice in supporting of our customers – the citizens of Ukraine, foreigners and stateless persons – at all stages of immigration to Europe beginning from visa requirements before registration of citizenship. It allows to take into account the long-term intentions of the immigrant and to eliminate possible complications of the process of legalization foresight.

The wave of migrants from Ukraine in the direction of European countries is staying on high level beginning from the moment of removal of restrictions on the rights of Ukrainian citizens to cross the border of Ukraine and emergence of an opportunity to leave the country by only receiving permission to enter and reside in another country. And of course, the European Union countries began to introduce tougher in immigration law in aim to limit the quantity of immigrants and they rarely having a positive attitude to accept new residents. For today to get residence in a Western European country is possible only by providing unconditional evidence of presence of legal basis of the applicant’s stay in the territory of the country. In addition, each country of the European Union, despite the same for all countries participating in the political objectives and the general direction of development, sets its own requirements for immigrants and possible ways of obtaining resident status, and, consequently, to successfully obtain the right to reside in Europe, to take decisions and carry any action must be based on their appropriateness, based on the studying and analyzing of all possible options to achieve the objectives and difficulties that may arise in the process.

For ensuring competent and legal migration, and to avoid assumptions fatal errors, it is recommended to use help of a professional’s knowledge and practical experience. ALF can provide you such opportunity, because we lined up all of the leading immigration consultants, analysts, lawyers, and lobbyists together, we have representatives in each country of the European Union and of the Schengen Agreement. We know how to organize the process of obtaining a residency and citizenship in the European Union by Ukrainian or a non-resident of Ukraine.

The popularity and demand for European Migration, the potential benefits and prospects of legal residence in Europe led to an increase of quantity of unscrupulous suppliers’ of migration services and their recipients. In order to protect rights of sights and their duties, ACTIO's lawers admits co-operation with the client only in case of entering into a formal contract, the main principle of our work – all our actions match the client’s interests according to international law. Thus, the company responsible for actions performed and for the services provided, and proves its competence and quality.