hero_energy_lawACTIO is one of the few law firms in the Ukraine with a dedicated Energy practice. Its lawyers have substantial experience and deep insight into both the economic and technical aspects of the industry.

The Firm is actively engaged in law-making to meet the challenges of the immature regulatory framework currently in place, as well as the needs of investors thereby creating a transparent environment. The Firm advises large EU-based and international companies on the operations of the wholesale and retail electricity markets, as well as on acquisitions and sales of energy assets. The Firm also has extensive experience in dispute resolution in this sector.

Our key areas of expertise include:

  • Advising on sales and purchases in the wholesale and retail electricity markets, including:
    • reviewing and drafting of contracts for grid companies, electricity generators, electricity suppliers and consumers;
    • assessment of risks associated with the clients' business on the wholesale and retail markets (including pricing issues, antitrust and energy compliance);
    • determining the most efficient ways of acquiring electricity (capacity) and providing legal support on entry into the wholesale market (change of the product market).
  • Advising on issues related to implementing and operating fiscal metering systems.
  • Representing clients in arbitrazh (commercial) courts, Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, ATS, SO UES, etc.
  • Advising on the development and implementation of investment projects for constructing and upgrading infrastructure, and electricity generating facilities.
  • Advising on transactions related to infrastructure and electricity generating facilities, shares/stakes in electricity suppliers, grid companies, generators and service companies.
  • Advising clients on antitrust laws, including the structuring of and energy company's business and building its strategy as a wholesale market player.
  • Advising on the operation of infrastructure and generating facilities, including the review and preparation of maintenance, work and startup contracts.
  • Advising on improvements to energy saving and efficiency.
  • Advising on the production, transmission and sales of thermal energy.
  • Advising on development, implementation and financing of investment projects for constructing and upgrading alternative energy generating facilities, including wind farms, biogas installations, solar and hydro power plants.