Bankruptcy law is an area of law with extremely complex and intricate legal provisions, which requires the assistance and advice of dedicated professionals. The dedicated Bankruptcy Practice at ACTIO is distinctive from other law firms. In recent years, the Firm’s lawyers have been involved in more than 300 bankruptcy proceedings.

The Firm’s attorneys advise in bankruptcy proceedings, representing creditors, debtors, and bankruptcy trustees, including the Deposit Insurance Agency. Actual recovery of money may be facilitated only by one’s own proactive defence.

Engaging experts to represent parties in bankruptcy proceedings helps to efficiently address and solve problems, taking into account the numerous legal conflicts existing in the law that surface only through litigation.

The Firm’s attorneys possess vast practical experience, are equipped with knowledge of a variety of methods to counter unscrupulous debtors and protect parties to bankruptcy proceedings, and have document templates allowing for prompt response to any changes in bankruptcy procedures and saving client’s time.

Practically every bankruptcy case we worked on stretched far beyond the bankruptcy court proceedings themselves. The objectives of each of these projects are to: untangle the schemes used to siphon off money or other debtor’s assets; dispute dubious transactions made by the debtor on the eve of bankruptcy; take action against managers and owners and other steps.

Furthermore, the Firm has unique experience in preventing the bankruptcy of strategic companies and facilitating their financial rehabilitation.

The remedies that the Firm’s experts may use include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • drafting and filing petitions for debtor's bankruptcy;
  • including a creditor in the register of creditor claims;
  • disputing claims made by unscrupulous creditors;
  • participating in creditors’ meetings/committee meetings;
  • objecting to debtor’s financial standing analysis, opinions confirming absence of premeditated bankruptcy signs;
  • reporting crimes in connection with bankruptcy proceedings to law enforcement authorities.