Our company is providing legal services on the EU market for more than 10 years. We began cooperating with ALF in 2006. We started our collaboration with ordering a legal advice on Ukrainian tax law, which was followed by a massive legal opinion on the application of the convention on avoidance of double taxation with respect to Ukraine. This is how we began to cooperate on a regular basis. This collaboration continues to live on to this day. If you are unsure whether or not to consult specialists of ALF, we without any doubt recommend them as reliable and respectable partners!

Marta Healy, Manager

We cooperate with ALF since 2011. During this period the number of contact areas has grown substantially. In 2011 we were consulting with our Ukrainian partners on Ukrainian tax law and permanent establishments regulations. Now, we are working hand-by-hand on cross-border business structuring, IP rights, as well on obtainment of residence permits, permanent residence and citizenship in the European Union. The main feature of ALF is timely fulfillment of its obligations.

Tim Barkley, Manager

The Netherlands and Ukraine signed a convention for the avoidance of double taxation. However, the practical application of its norms requires considerable knowledge. On our part, we ensure the compliance with the Dutch and EU law, in turn, ICE ensures the compliance with the law of Ukraine. Cooperation with the international law firm ALF reveals the possibility for providing our clients with the outmost favorable preferences and mechanisms work in Ukraine. With hope for further fruitful cooperation!

Lisa Whistler, Consultant

When it comes to protection of confidential information and corporate bank account services in the Swiss bank, the ALF proved to be our reliable partner. By firsthand experience we know the capability and the professionalism of its employees. For us, these seven years, we have collaborated with the company became a very important step to promote our service on the territory of CIS as a whole and in Ukraine and Russia particularly. Currently, the growing number of customers from Ukraine are opening corporate bank accounts in Switzerland and ALF facilitates this process to be successfully accomplished (Swiss Bank).

Mr. John Anderson, Finance director