The name of the Law Firm arrives from Latin “actio” – litigation, activity, lawsuit, action, case, arrangement, language as action.

As a slogan of the firm we chose aphorism “Actio defensio est”, that can be interpreted “Actio” will protect you” or “Only due to action (activity, cases) you will get protection”

The firm name “Actio” is reflected in the firm logotype of the Association – knight shield, adorned with the emblem in the form of letter “A” – the first letter of the word ACTIO, that is the central idea of Roman law and includes the way of protection the rights. In its turn, the shield  is a weapon that historically considered as a symbol of refraction of the attack and reliable protection. Herewith, experienced soldiers used their shield as a mean of the attack.

  1. We are proud that leading companies trust us, managers of legal entities, citizens of Ukraine and other states.
  2. We work with enthusiasm and inspiration, achieving the best results in each case.
  3. We guarantee our clients abidance of absolute confidentiality.
  4. We try to reach the triumph of justice.
  5. We do all possible within the legal frames.

VICTORIA TISNOGUZ, Attorney, Partner, Candidate of legal sciences Honorary Lawyer of Ukraine: «We are combining in our work individual approach with the client and fundamental understanding  of industry features in doing business. An important condition of the work of Law Firm “ACTIO” is abidance of confidentiality. Information that arrives from the Client for realization of projects shall not be disclosed. The internal procedure is directed on provision of personal responsibility of each member of the Firm».