Financial investigations (Forensic)

ACTIO Law Firm supports clients and helps to prevent, detect and investigate cases of fraud, corruption and other financial offenses.

ACTIO Law Firm created a specialized team, which consists of accounting experts and financial investigators specialists (Forensic). This enables to provide a wider range of opportunities to settle the disputes of our clients.

Using international experience with taking into account the individual properties of the legal system of Ukraine allow us to tell that we created a new unique methodology for conducting financial investigations (Forensic). Wherein we provide independence of such investigations, besides it, our work goes through a quality control. Our own methodological inventions allow us to automatize the routine work and leave more time for data analysis and interpretation.

The Forensic expert team consists of qualified auditors, accountants, advocates, tax lawyers and White-collar crime investigators. All of them have the experience of conducting forensic examinations and investigations related to the financial fraud.

If appropriate, we provide legal support to our clients during the trial, from pre-trial evidence submission and calculations of losses, to return of assets based on the results of the successful case.

Typical examples of our team’s work include:

  • General analysis of an enterprise activity;
  • Conducting investigations which are aimed at detecting fictitious and illegal deals;
  • Finding lost profits and financial losses;
  • Investigating frauds in accounting matters and tax offense violations;
  • Forensic investigations of individuals and corporations, including asset tracking;
  • Reconstruction of the financial transactions;
  • An analysis of the company's IT infrastructure to find lost or deleted information;
  • Corporate intelligence service;
  • Fraud risk management;
  • Search and return on assets, etc.

ACTIO Law firm conducts seminars on financial investigations and prepares a number of methodological and educational literature on these issues for publication.